SEC, Finra to Focus on CyberSecurity and Compliance

The New Year in 2016 marks an important shift in business culture. Companies are becoming heavily reliant on mobile devices to conduct their daily business. There is continued pressure to evolve compliance policies and procedures in conjunction with these initiatives. From a regulatory perspective, FINRA and the SEC track these trending shifts in business and have begun…

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Mobile Market Share in Perspective Globally

Mobile Market Share While iOS dominates the discussion in the United States – when looking at mobile market share globally, Android certainly rules the conversation. Smart phone hardware manufacturers and mobile operating system preferences is an evolving conversation. If we consider historically – Blackberry first dominated from 2000 up through 2007. While in the US…

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Company Sponsored versus BYOD Mobile Devices

The BYOD movement is not something to be stopped, just like businesses cannot avoid the permeation of social networks into their flow of communications. However, there are distinct pros and cons to be considered. This largely is centered on security and governance of corporate data. In many cases a company sponsored mobile strategy will give your business distinct advantages not just for security and governance but also regulatory compliance.